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Drew Logan, best-selling author and fitness and nutrition expert from NBC’s “Strong" knows – from personal experience – that physical and mental health go hand in hand.

At the age of 30, despite being in great shape, Drew suffered three consecutive cardiac arrests that left him in a coma. After miraculously surviving, he quickly returned to his physical routine, but suffered from compromised brain health, short-term memory loss and depression. He learned that his cardiac arrests were likely triggered by stress and realized that maintaining a healthy “control center” in the brain is essential to achieving peak performance.

With a new perspective on health and wellness, Drew sought to create a nutritious snack that fueled both the mind and body. After countless hours of research and taste testing, Nyrvana was born.

“Nyrvana is a product of my experience, not only as a survivor of cardiac arrest, but also as a fitness and nutrition expert. I wanted to create a snack that would support the reward system of the brain, boost energy, enhance focus, improve mood, and stoke the metabolism while also tasting amazing. I’m humbled by the overwhelming support Nyrvana has received so far. I hope you’ll join us on this journey…this is just the beginning!”

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